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Extended Stay America - Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Vacation-goers looking for a dash of musical flair need look no further than glorious Nashville, Tennessee. Dubbed `Music City' for its connection with some of the world's most renowned country, folk, and rock n' roll singers, Nashville is a true `Mecca' of the musical world.

With all the big hair, cowboy hats, and southern drawl that you would expect from a country music stronghold, Nashville is truly the most welcoming of places. Soul food and soulful music combine here to create a friendly atmosphere, in which you'll be invited to join in at the neighborhood line-dance. Even if you've never been here before, there is something familiar about Nashville; feelings of unexplained nostalgia can be brought on at any time, without warning. This is the kind of place where once you come, you never want to leave.

The weather is pleasant year-round here, but it is the sense of community and belonging that provides the most warmth. People on the street tip their hat to you as you walk by and everywhere you go there are smiling faces waiting for you. But this is not a production; it is real-life Tennessee livin'.

Music halls and restaurants dominate downtown Nashville and their atmosphere - sublime smells and intoxicating sounds - spills out onto the sidewalks, practically begging passers-by to come inside. Once you do, be ready to be treated to all the southern hospitality you can handle, and probably a little bit more, as the banjos and guitars play as enthusiastically as the bourbon is poured.

Once the effects of the night have worn off, a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame is a good place to start the day. The largest popular music museum in the world, the Country Music Hall of Fame is home to countless exhibits that tell the story of America's long and storied music history. The museum contains informative short films, interactive displays, and an incredible assortment of costumes and instruments from some of the world's most famous musicians. Of course, it wouldn't be Nashville if there weren't a grill with live music and barbeque food on point! Other sites worth checking out are the Cumberland Science Museum, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and the First Center for the Visual Arts.

Nashville is also home to some top-level professional sports with the NFL's Tennessee Titans holding the league's best record in 2008. College sports abound in the area, home to 6 major universities, including Vanderbilt University, Tennessee State University, and Belmont University.

If you're ready to get away from the downtown scene for a while, why not check out Nashville Shores, one of America's premier water parks. You can swim to your heart's content in the refreshing swimming pools, stroll along the sandy beaches, or take the plunge down one of the exhilarating water slides. There's also the ever popular Nashville Zoo which is home to a rare clouded leopard, as well as a Bengal tiger and a Eurasian Lynx.

For those of the outdoors inclination, Radnor Lake State Park is a wonderful modern day wilderness located just a few miles from downtown Nashville. The park is home to a large lake that is great for fishing and a vast wooded area that is perfect for hiking. The area is famous for its beautiful scenery and abundance of deer and is certainly a place worth visiting.

So if you're ready to experience the best southern hospitality has to offer, or are just looking for a place to go to sing, dance, and party, Nashville is the place for you. And if you are in need of a hotel, Extended Stay America locations in Nashville boast comfort, convenience, and exceptional rates.